RoomReady Connect
Controller for RoomReady Go Cisco Meeting Room Spaces

CSM partnered with ZDI Inc to develop an iPhone app companion to their successful line of RoomReady / Cisco-equipped enterprise meeting room spaces. First, we developed Raspberry Pi room clients that control the on-site meeting room hardware. Then we engineered a robust NodeJS socket server and platform on AWS. Lastly, we developed an universal iOS app that uses Bluetooth beacon proximity to detect connectable rooms in range, GPS to validate range, and socket layer control to marriage / authenticate the connection.

The app aggregates compatible Contacts, offering OBTP (one-button-to-push) connection. Phone calendars are parsed for compatible WebEx, Zoom, BlueJeans and Ubiety joinable meeting invites - offering a OBTP easy join through the meeting space, including auto-dialing of those annoying pin numbers and meeting codes. Full feedback loops for multi-device connectivity, including slider volume control, mute, source/camera selection, Directory and Recent calls (pulled directly from meeting space hardware), current room bookings, future room bookings, hardware status, room occupancy, room availability and more.

Lastly, the app can inject bookings directly into the enterprise environment AdHoc and from the iPhone calendar.