Advanced Agrilytics

Integrated web marketing at its finest.


Advanced Agriltyics is a small start-up company that focuses on customized field diagnostics at the sub-acre level using agronomic research. They approached CSM with the need of creating a customer-facing website that would help to tell the story of what they do as a company.



With focus around an approach, they use in the field using hexagon’s we came up with the idea of using that imagery throughout the entire look of the website design.



After gathering all the necessary requirements for the design and development of the website, we went into design and development model of the website using state of the art design software and a custom CMS platform that our company has developed to make this project look and function at a level that the client would be able to use with ease.



The outcome included a brand new mobile responsive website that Advanced Agrilytics could use to market the products they offer as a company, while at the same time telling the story behind their passion as a company.

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