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As Phase 2 of a massive overhaul started in 2011, we began the design and redevelopment of the entire customer front-end & web store in 2014.



We wanted to redesign a customer-facing front-end that really locked in with the demographic of, which was surgical centers, outpatient clinics, and physician offices; specifically targeting clerical staff who know exactly what they need to order down to the suture model number.



The client actually thought what they had as an existing website was fine.  But we had just finished a multi-year project developing a new state-of-the-art back-end operations system (ESA), and we desperately needed the front-end to represent our sweat-equity put into their vision.  So, we actually took an unorthodox approach, and without consent from the client, tasked our team with creating new design concepts to present.  The client was stunned with what we came up with and immediately approved the overhaul of the front-end to make it happen.



We created a gorgeous design and user experience that guides eSuture’s customers through processes they are familiar with, that get them to their product quickly and efficiently.  The amount of information we streamline is vast, but streamlined; served electively and non-solicited.  As part of this redesign, we introduced new account and order controls, and advanced search capability as well.

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