eSutures Admin

A custom operations management system and ERP platform.


In 2011, eSutures came to CSM needing an overhaul of their entire eCommerce and web store systems.



This was a very large undertaking, and the target of pain for the client was not the customer experience with the front-end webstore, but rather their lack of management and order fulfillment controls for operations on the back-end. So we re-envisioned and built a new operations system ground-up.



Our approach to application development starts with sources of truth. The verbs: Who are we building a system for? Why does the client need what they need? Where do sources of truth live and how is the data organized? Once we understand the sources of truth and how they relate, our creative process kicks in for the intuitive design of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) development.



The new ESA (eSutures Administration) system came online in May 2013, and immediately the client saw exponential growth in sales, volume, customer support, capability, controls, governance and scalability. This system included a new secure IDM (Identity Management), Sales Order UI, Order Fulfillment System, Advanced Inventory Management System, secure eCommerce mainframe and Customer Management systems.

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