eSutures ICS Warehouse App

A one-of-a-kind warehouse back-end operations system.


CSM custom-built, now enter back-end operations system.  As part of this continued development relationship, we were tasked with the challenge of creating a system to manage inventory on a level that doesn’t exist on earth.  eSutures has a unique line of business where they procure inventory, assess value, and purchase said inventory based on proprietary criteria.  In addition, they often have no idea what is being sent to them



The idea we developed was the ICS (Inventory Control System). This system granularly tracks the purchase (or order of) inventory from a PO level...all the way to a heartbeat of an item on the shelf and out the door to a customer. The system is built on manufacturing barcode scanning, which we built intelligent auto-learning systems around. When items are received, the ICS tracks the entire assessment process, logging every action to the lot number and expiration date, to who performed the act



This system had to be designed to be ergonomically-friendly, so we designed it for wide touch-screens, which were installed in receiving. Check-in stations had QR and laser barcode scanning controls, and lightning-fast barcode labelers which are controlled by the ICS system. We also had to design mobile ICS stations that roam the warehouse doing shelf audits.



The ICS continues to be a proud example of what our team is capable of building for our clients. ICS is a testament to our ability to problem solve and architect solutions that meet (and often exceed) expectations.

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