A custom-built sales and tracking CRM.


While we were finishing up the development of a new marketing website for Advanced Agrilytics, an agronomic tech company, they shared their desire to have a new Customer Relationship Management system. Their current system wasn’t meeting the unique sales funnel needs of their sales team and lacked a comprehensive way to manage ongoing customer contracts. Their accounting team also sought to have an integrated invoicing and account management system built into the sales team’s process.



To fill this need, we needed to design and develop a one-of-a-kind application that could allow AdAg’s Precision Agronomists to track potential customers, convert leads into working contracts, and then pass those conversions over for ongoing billing. The new system brings all these pieces into one place, FarmGate, and provides a one-stop-shop for Advanced Agrilytic’s needs.



Due to the complexity of their processes and existing systems, our work with Advanced Agrilytics primarily rested in design and prototyping for our initial months of conversation. Once we had a user-tested prototype finalized in Figma, a software design prototyping program, we were able to pass it off to our development team and start creating FarmGate from the ground up.



FarmGate has completely revitalized Advanced Agrilytics sales culture, giving them a new foundation for how they interact with and convert potential customers, as well as how they continue to invest in their relationships with their current clientele. We look forward to continuing to expand FarmGate to meet more of their needs and business goals.

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