God's Greater Grace

Fully-inclusive content and ecommerce management.


Ron and Marsha Harvell approached CSM with the challenge of designing and developing a website that they could use further the ministry that God had called them to. They needed a way to be able to offer daily devotions to their subscribers, a place where they could sell their books, and a way for them to offer up their services both in-person and online.



With the challenges they presented to us, we came up with the idea of designing a brand new website where individuals and churches could come to get content and resources. Now, obviously, we could have just designed a website and that would have been sufficient, but we wanted to take a step further by developing a full back-end system where they could manage all of their subscribers in one place, as well as, developing a full store system where they could manage the books and other resources they sell.



Our first step in this process was to design the look and feel of the website experience and then move into using our custom CMS platform to develop the entire website. 



The outcome of this project was a brand new website that had a great user experience but also has a great back-end system that Ron and Marsha could use with ease.

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