An elegant grain marketing dashboard and planning app.


In today’s fast-paced society, farmers often have to simultaneously juggle planting, harvesting, and marketing their grain. Grain prices change daily and these farmers need a way to track their grain production, inventory, and sales.



GrainCoat’s idea was to create an app that handles future grain projection, current inventory, and historic sales while also allowing farmers to send real-time offers to elevators to take advantage of shifting grain prices. This app needed to be easy to set up, use, and built to be able to start making marketing decisions right away.



There are many grain tracking apps available today, but GrainCoat needed to be different. We spent days and multiple sessions working with Sean walking through everything that the normal farmer would need to be able to project, track, and market grain, all within one app. We worked through the creative process to develop a solution that was both intuitive and very easy to use.



We architected a solution that was both intuitive and easy to use. The GrainCoat App is a pioneer for farmer-to-elevator relationships. GrainCoat allows farmers to send offers to elevators via text or email without requiring an account for the elevator. This allows the farmer to connect with virtually any elevator regardless of their setup or technology available.  CSM continues to develop new features for the GrainCoat App, and a cloud-hosted marketing and operation administration system, built on top of our VX CMS platform.

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