LaCornue Quote Builder

A fully-customizable luxury range and oven web-builder.


LaCornue USA (a Middleby Residential company), had product specs, data, assets and pricing in many places, often duplicated and problematically outdated & mismatched.  We needed to propose a solution to compile a single source of truth, and develop a solution to empower dealers to build accurate quotes.



Our solution was to design and build a hybrid application that could serve on a computer, tablet, touchscreen or native iPad/Android application. We would build a cloud-based hub, that logically stored all product data, assets, specs, images and pricing, with an API front-end to not only serve this data to the app, but the website and future applications and marketing material design as well.



We worked in close collaboration with our partner Spoon Creative to design a UI/UX that would guide dealers through a step-driven process to build a quote. Although logically complex under the hood, the user experience was a simple linear guide that would steer the course from A-Z, and collect everything required to compile a quote, down to the color and options for each component. Along the way, a back-end engine in the application builds a scope & pricing sheet, including shipping, add-on costs, and capitalized components. The dealer, however, simply sees easy summaries and ballparks so they can quickly serve and sell. The app has direct communication with the cloud hub, which maintains an Identity Management System (IDM) for the dealer network, a sales funnel system that manages quotes, detailed tracking, and proxy tools allowing admins to jump in and assist or modify orders on behalf of dealers. Quotes generate a simple one-page PDF, and the system includes a separate step-dri



To date, the application has facilitated hundreds of quotes and orders, and is regularly maintained/updated to ensure the single source of truth for product and catalog data is always trustworthy.

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