Precision Planting Cloud

An all-inclusive web platform for ag-tech's leading enterprise.


When an innovative client requires such unique business requirements, such that no turn-key on earth could the need...they turn to CSM.  Precision Planting uses a unique and innovative approach; retrofit the equipment a farmer already owns, to maximize its benefit to the operation.  Farmers are one of the most progressive and tech-savvy demographics in the world, and we would like to think we are Precision’s silver bullet.



As a case study, after a decade of development and invention, the question isn’t “What have we built for Precision Planting?”  The question should be, “What haven’t we built?”  We have run and grown alongside partners like Precision, to continued forward development, maintenance, vision & innovation, and collaboration with:

  • Sales and incentive applications and cloud tools.
  • ERP adaptations and solutions/integrations with Microsoft GP.
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) tool-chain cloud application.
  • LMS / Precision University, providing video-based training, tracking, testing, and certification-path platforms.
  • Advanced customer support ticket system tools
  • Direct IPOffice / PBX integrations for real-time phone notification hooks inside applications.
  • Microsite builder system / empowering internal and dealer network to build their own governed, branded websites.
  • Event management system, featuring advanced visitor tracking, QR scanning, and training credit integration
  • Marketing CO-OP programs, with credit/debit system integration to empower dealers.
  • Advanced document management system development / no DAM turn-key would meet their needs, so we built it.
  • Electronic Change Network (ECN), an automated toolchain that facilitates the propagation and responsibilities for product changes and deployments.
  • Warehouse productivity tracking systems (P.Track), with integrated HID badge and GP barcode scanning.
  • Hubspot integrations for visitor tracking and marketing.
  • Advanced Identity Management System (IDM) with groups and roles control, GDPR and SOX compliance and automated controls for EULA, terms, and policies, and managed password rotation controls.
  • Machine learning / Deep learning / AI development of products.
  • Dealer Kiosk development.
  • Product registration systems.
  • Back-order notification systems.
  • eCommerce website development and integrations
  • Program sub-sites for incentive sales, producing $3M+ in transactions.
  • Full fleet of WebServices for 3rd party integrations
  • Customer Central - Live fleet machine visibility with built-in maps and tracking for real-time support and in-cab display views.
  • IDM integrations with major partners like
  • Primary Purchase Order (PO) accounting systems with advanced DOA, budget-tracking, and approval authorization governance/tracking.



With a client like Precision Planting, they require direct integrations. Our team is considered an extension of their bandwidth. We work on-site to listen, learn, advise, and create solutions.



We work on a daily basis with our project leads and are very proud to collaborate to produce creative, intuitive, innovative solutions.

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