Precision POGO App

A ground-breaking precision agriculture application.


Precision Planting R&D had developed a rudimentary device they called a “Pogo Stick”, due to its uncanny appearance.  This device was used to sample and log plant emergence and spacing metrics in the field with their test plots.   They used this data to test and qualify product efficiency.  In that state, however, it was literally held together with duct tape.  Precision’s commercial realized the potential for a sales tool if they could redesign and fine-tune a product that could empower dealers and agronomists to walk a field and show the potential conversion opportunity to prospective customers in real-time.



We inherited the messy code-base and rebuilt an iPad app from scratch.  This app connected to a Linux-on-a-chip via low-power Bluetooth, connected to a ticker-tape-measure and some basic push-button controls.  The app then had a direct connection to a cloud-based data hub but also would work offline and sync data when an internet connection was detected.  As users walked through a field, plant data and scores were automatically captured and calculated in real-time, allowing immediate assessment reports, emergence scores, and cost-saving calculations.



We always start with data and sources of truth.  We not only absorbed the business logic behind plant metrics but also expanded the scope to capture notes, geography, and other metrics with each plant capture.  We built a farm/operation UI that collected multiple data points further empowering post-processing metrics and group summaries of multiple sampling runs.  Then we went through a creative design process, where all views and user experience were laid out before a single line of code was written.



Heads-down development took about 2 months, and we produced a fully working beta prototype.  We have since gone through several iterations, with new features, and faster-syncing protocols.  The Research POGO is now internationally supported with multi-lingual and imperial/metric unit integrations.

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