Precision Product Kiosk

Eye-catching and intuitive product marketing.


Precision Planting marketing needed a way to empower dealers with showroom technology, which they would be able to serve videos to, allowing the dealer to select which products to display.  The catch: It would need to be IoT, but work offline, making the device download and store all assets locally.



We proposed a Raspberry Pi-based solution, running a lightweight kiosk Chromium deployment, powered via a LAMP-based application.  The device, when powered up, walks the dealer through setting up WiFi.  Once connected to the internet, it allows the dealer to browse the catalog of products and testimonial videos to select, order, and sync up.  The device program then enters into its default main loop, which rotates through selected videos.  We also integrated key control so a dealer could set up hotkeys to jump to specific videos using an optional controller.



We worked with the marketing team at Precision Planting to gather business requirements and the designed user experience, then we went to work on developing the prototype solution.  We worked closely to keep our required components to a minimum so the Kiosks could be developed in a cost-effective manner.  CSM empowered the customer to flash SD cards with the application when they manufacture kiosks and continue to maintain the codebase.



There are now kiosks distributed all across the US, marketing Precision Planting products in showrooms.

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