Precision Tracker

Manufacturing production tracking software & hardware.


As one of our oldest partners, we’ve had the chance to work with Precision Planting on scores of innovative web applications. We’ve had the honor to create whole backend systems from the ground up to manage the production, management, and sales of their products. What better way to expand our innovation together than by designing and developing an IoT (Internet of Things) device that is right on the floor of their production line?



In our research interviews, it became clear that what Precision really needed was a simple, foolproof way to track production times and visually manage their output over time. With a Raspberry Pi and some Javascript we were soon off the races with a prototype.



Creative Sites Innovation Group prides itself on delivering proven solutions quickly. Getting the Rasberry Pi P.Track device on the warehouse floor was our first goal. Once we had initial feedback on how users interacted with it and what could be improved, we agilely upgraded it to meet their needs.



Today, P.Track is the main software and hardware Precision Planting uses to oversee, manage, and improve line production times. By having a bird’s eye view of part labor time, Precision can much more efficiently and effectively pivot resources and approach to improve manufacturing productivity.

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