RoomReady Connect

Intelligent meeting room management and tracking.

Challenge is a giant in the meeting room technology space.  Their approach to Cisco/WebEx solutions and space design is 2nd-to-none in the industry.  Their innovation division came to us in need of a device that could interact and control their technology, effectively expanding the scope of services that Cisco technology is normally capable of.


Idea wanted an iPhone app that could detect proximity to controllable meeting rooms using low-power Bluetooth beacon technology.  It then needed to qualify the user’s security/accessibility for that room via edge-to-cloud socket protocols.  When the user connects to the room, a handshake is established through our AWS-based architecture, from the user’s iPhone to the meeting room technology.  Our socket protocol offered zero-latency control of call controls, such as dialing, volume control, source selection, and mute controls.  In addition, the app would aggregate your Calendar events and offer a one-touch connection to any WebEx, Zoom, or BlueJeans meetings...including auto-dialing pass codes for control once connected.  The app also would pull contacts from the meeting room directories for listing & dial-control from the app, and aggregate local contacts from the user’s iPhone.



The original beta was built and deployed within 6 months.  We continued to develop new features and controls, as well as maintained support, keeping the app up with the market.  We would meet weekly, often on-site, with the RoomReady team to work directly as an extension of their amazing development team.  CSM prides itself on having the fluidity to dedicate integrated bandwidth on this kind of level.



The outcome of this project was a fully working app deployed to the Apple App Store for customers to use.  We also built an immense back-end, cloud-based administration system that empowered the RoomReady team to deploy new rooms and beacons, and fully administer the identity management system (IDM).  All connections and app activity was logged for analytics, metrics, and security compliance as well, offering not only an end-to-end app solution, but a framework they would build new products off of, such as RoomReady View, a customer-facing metrics portal, and RoomReady Know, a cloud-controlled digital signage solution that serves directly through their IoT solution RoomReady GO, which we also helped develop.

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